Our new UNZINE podcast – on Drawing tutorials… and more

Hello everyone, 

For those who don’t know me, my name is Boris aka Sketchman Boris. I’m a cartoonist and I run an art magazine with friends called bkk UNZINE and I founded this independent online art magazine, 

It is my pleasure to announce that we now have our own art studio in Bangkok and we have named it UNZINE 95. 95 because it’s located in Sukhumvit soi 95, for those who are not in Bangkok: Sukhumvit is the biggest main road in Bangkok and it is connected to lanes which are called “soi” in Thai.

We have so many ideas that we would like to do here at UNZINE 95 but we want it to be first and foremost a place where people will come to create, learn and network. On the second floor we have a studio space with drafting tables set up like a co-creating space, we are also building a library of art books and comic books that people can learn and get inspiration from and naturally we want this to become a place where artists can discuss, exchange ideas, get to know each other, give each other feedback and advice and many many more. 

All this to introduce you to our audio podcast which we will post on our youtube channel where we will discuss a variety of topics about Art. 

We wanted to start off talking about drawing tutorials and MORE, please check it out give me your feedback, we would love to know what you think.

Written by Sketchman Boris