We dropped by the Bangkok citycity gallery

Left with our dropped jaw left

Pumped by the creative energy pulsing with revolt  

Another great encounter in our discovery of the fleeting Bangkok art scene or should we say the future of Bangkok art scene. The more we chase it, the further it escapes our grasp like the criminal in a whodunit thriller. Hope it never gets caught in a stagnant. 

Just when we try to define what the Art scene in Bangkok could be, the new generation liberates us from that naive endeavour. The new artists have a lot to say and the thing they seem to say is “WHATEVER YOU’RE THINKING, NOPE THAT’S NOT IT” 

The beating heart of revolution is not only political, it’s artistic. 

For us who wanted to show the value of ART to people we are reminded that the part that keeps us HUMAN is not 

Beautiful ART,

Confusing ART,

Ugly ART, 

But the fact that ART just IS.

There is NO AUTHORITY, that’s why the creatives take refuge there which is EVERYWHERE and NOWHERE. 

We want to leave with this thought: If and when you feel down and alone in your art journey, meeting other creative souls is not only a remedy but a boost and suddenly it becomes clear what you can do as an artist. 

So what CAN you do as an ARTIST? If you are a cartoonist, draw; if you are a writer, write, if you are a photographer, take photos, in one word : CREATE.  

Written by Sketchman Boris. on 27th of November 2021 If you are reading and you don’t know who we are, we are BKK UNZINE an independent online art magazine, you can subscribe to our mailing list and receive free monthly copies by e-mail every first of the month.