bkk UNZINE Issue 45


Published: 1st May 2024

BKK Unzine Issue 24 - Loss


We would like to start by thanking the coolest creatures that make our magazine possible: the Artists. Without them there won’t be any issue or maybe just issues featuring our bkk UNZINE team artwork.

We’ve always wanted to do a theme like this for a group exhibition to give an ode to Artists who have inspired us by creating characters we all grew up loving but also the Artists we are lucky to know who capture other people’s imagination by their interpretation of old myths or creating new creatures to habit their new reality. They are all cool, let us know which one caught your attention and maybe still lives in your head somewhere.


-bkk UNZINE art magazine team

Artists in this issue

Thai HORROR -_- GHOST Comics Exhibition


We went to check out the Thai horror comics art exhibition which took place at the Fortune Town shopping mall. It was so interesting we ended up staying there for 2 hours. Pa X was so kind to us he laid out the illustrations on the floor to show that they are one big puzzle. Jam is our guide for this tour she reacted, explained all the pieces. Hope you have fun watching this too!

Calm in Nightmare

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Make clam down even nightmare happen to your self.



Piya - Thorns of Grief

This painting has gained strength. Inspired by the theory that extraterrestrial beings are the creators of life on Earth. This concept offers a unique perspective on the birth of life. It challenges traditional beliefs prevalent in religious and scientific communities. Creatures from outer space as conceptualized in this artwork are not considered aliens typical from the world of sci-fi movies, but instead, it is presented with a divine aura, which indicates the ultimate power in creating life. It reflects the unknown world and its unfathomable power. Makes the audience ponder the mystery of the universe and our existence.


Drakon the frozen dragon

Piya - Thorns of Grief

According to the legend of Drakon the frozen dragon, Sun Wukong tried to transform into a western dragon with the hair on its head like a monkey. It has a crown that is unique to Wukong. And the face is painted red along the crest, which is my original design. Which was designed as red scales on the dragon’s face.

Artof Maiimou

Our Shark Friend

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Even though I have never tried diving into the sea, I was able to appreciate the wonder of all the marine inhabitants through a game called ABZǓ. In the game, there was a great white shark and it crushed my robotic friend, I thought I would get killed if I got close, but it ended up that the shark and I became friends and traveled around the ocean together. The digital painting celebrates the friendship and the beautiful scenes we saw together.


A mix of sea creatures

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Cool creatures theme made me think about sea animals. So I have done an ocean wave filed with sea animals.


Identity crisis & Lady Shark

Piya - Thorns of Grief
Piya - Thorns of Grief

Identity crisis: The Coolest creature is the one, who knows it’s nature and accepts it’s personality, whether it’s a human or a catwoman…

Sophie Cars

Lady Shark: 30×30 cm – Oil on canvas

She is a cool creature, dangerous, but not in a predatory way) beware of them teeth!

Phoenix rising

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Just a work I love and loved making! I was inspired by a student and her love of mythical creatures.

Libby Bourne


Piya - Thorns of Grief

Gouache and ink on paper

M. J. Johnston

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