BKK Unzine Issue 15

Theme: Death

Published: 1st November 2021


DEATH comes to us all, if there is an existential fear it goes hand in hand with the fear of DEATH. H P Lovecraft talks about the fear of the unknown, when it comes to DEATH we can’t even pinpoint WHY we are scared.

We cannot look forward into the future, we can only look back and connect the dots on the things we have done, on our past experiences. Therefore, as long as we are connecting dots, why not let DEATH be the full stop to the sentence that is your LIFE? Sure, you can believe in the LIFE AFTER DEATH but like we said just a second ago no one can see the future.

If there is anything that can make us see what is not there it is ART, for this theme in this issue inspired by the Day of the Dead our artists, have danced with death, have used DEATH as a life drawing subject and have even captured the mourning mood of it; all this to remember something inevitable. Remember DEATH because next to it any problem will seem small.”

bkk UNZINE team: Jam, Maia, Boris, Venky.

If you are an artist and you want to be part of our artist community, the next theme for December issue #16 is “STILL LIFE”, you can submit your artwork at this link:

Artists in this issue

Superfah Jellyfish Profile

Superfah Jellyfish


Ardiansyah Yusuf


Moe J

Piya Profile














Ymir Profile


Romantic moment at the cemetery


Andrea Untitled

Pen on Paper
Even long after death, the teeth remain intact.

Ardiansyah Yusuf

The Sacred Valley 2020


Ink (Tech Pens) on Paper
Perhaps this is a drawing about DEATH. MOURNING.
Perhaps it reeks of departed souls and burdened spirits. Perhaps,this could have been.
But this is a drawing of LIFE. Inked with hope

Moe J



Acrylic on Canvas 100x120cm
I have always been fond of Mexican Culture and also been drawn to the “Day of the dead” celebration because to me death has become a natural part of life. I have lost my parents quite early and many other beloved friends and pets and I alwaysa had to deal with the mourning and grief, almost all my life. In this painting I portra myself with teh “Day of the Dead” mask and also put the mask on my Cat to express that we should not fear Death, but see death as a natural part of our life.


The unwoken Dream No.1


It was a free form experiment. I just let myself draw whatever I felt like drawing as If I was in a dream. A dream you think you won’t wake up from.
How do you guys feel about it?

Nalantha Hema

The Masque of Red Death

Andi Bots

Art set on Ipad (A4 300dpi)

This is an artwork I did a couple of years ago when I was into abstract art. It features my interpretation of red death from Poe’s famous short story.
I believe this work is more relevant today given the world is terribly plague-stricken, and for months most of us experienced the fear that is so masterfully depicted in this story.




Fineliner pens on paper
Even death neesd to recuperate with a drink after a long day. Sipping on an Elixir of Life martini, Death decides that it may be time for career change.
Perhaps as a Mixologist.
This piece is a hand-drawn using fineliner pens on high-quality A4 paper and then scanned to ensure a detailed copy of saved.

Eden Day


Digital – Krita (slide by slide animation)
This piece was created by me quite sometime ago when I tried playing with animation.
The animation tells the story of a sad little black cat and a ghost cat trying to cheer him up. The animation was very fun to make, and I feel that it is cute contribution to a grim topic.
Please enjoy the story



Nomad Sculpt on iPad & Turntable edited with LumaFusion and Node-Video.
I loved this theme as death fascinates me and attracts me somehow but scares me at the sametime! I thought I would be inspired. But I was unexpectedly stuck with finding ideas for this artwork.
I finally decided to use this as an opportunity to learn about 3D sculpting technique and chose Nomad sculpt on my iPad because I can work from my sofa or my bed and because it is not too complicated compared to some other desktop package with maybe more functionalities but more complexity too. So here is my first 3D sculpt ever.


End of a Beginning – Divine Death

Olya Parasites

Shot on Sony A6300 (Edited with Adobe Lightroom)
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal @2018

These are some of the specific images from my visit to Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. Similar to Varanasi of India, Death is celebrated here as a gateway to heaven.
The corpose of aged ones brought by families and old people awaiting their death visit this temple and is given holyrespect before burnt aka cremated. And the ashes are dispensed in holy Nepal-Ganges ( Bagharathi river)
You can easily see and get close to the ones who passed while being mesmerized by the spiritual and celebratory vibe of the area.
The temple is devoted to Pashupati – An avatar of Hindu-god – Shiva often referred to as God of Destruction/re-creation



Furry Death

Olya Parasites

Mixed Media : Brush Pen on Sketchbook – Finishing done in Clip Studio Paint
I am currently in this phase of drawing furry creatures because I love the way the brush pen helps me create furry textures, I scanned the drwaing and added some “noisy” digital screentones to achieve what you see above. I drew this during one of our meetups where we just hangout eat-drink-draw and talk. I am so glad I started with the eye, it motivated me to keep going as I knew I had smething special here. what do you think?


Meet Our New Artists

Let’s hear from the new artists featured in this issue…

Nalantha Hema

Hi, I’m Nalantha from Chiangmai, Thailand. I practice art, mainly painting from my mom who’s also my teacher at our homeschool class.
I paint/draw only when I want to. I am in 5th grade now. Board games are my passion . I created my own board game as well. I love my homeschool because it allows me to experiment and it’s fun!

Eden Day

Queens of the crypt was born out of my love for Gothic horror and a passion for a literature that focuses on macabre and bizzare. I currently live in bath, U.K. and try to get as much illustration done as I can in my free time. All of my art is drawn freehand using only fineliner pens and I base much of my illustration on daydreams and pieces of literature I’ve read.

Ardiansyah Yusuf

An illustrator from Aceh, Indonesia. Usually I draw using pen and give them a photoshop touch

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