bkk UNZINE Issue 31

Loving CATS

Published: 1st March 2023

BKK Unzine Issue 24 - Loss

We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about our first group exhibition. We are thankful to P.Space for hosting our first project together with our artists in Old town Bangkok. You will hear about this on our social media but save these dates: The exhibition “Loving CATS” will take place from 25th of March to 23rd April 2023. The opening night will have free snacks for the visitors. Also we will have a donation box in exhibition for the benefit of a cat shelter, and it;s not all, we are even more ambitious. We want to ask one of the companies to sponsor the event by donating to the cat shelter and paying a dinner for Artists. We hope we’ll achieve these and more with your support. 

We thank you for the support. 

Maia, Jam, Venky, Boris

Artists in this issue

bkk UNZINE Podcast | CATS with Ami


In this episode of BKK UNZINE podcast, we bring you an exciting virtual interview with our guest and a dear friend Ami Kaur, from Bangkok.

This podcast is all about CATS, as pets and animal in general. We hope you enjoy the conversation and hopefully be inspired to create your entry for our issue #31 themed CATS.

A cat named Ovaltine

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Acrylics on canvas, 50×60 cm
I am a cat lover and had and still have cats since I was a young girl. This is a painting of “Ovaltine”. We took her up from the streets of Bangkok and she almost got killed by rat poison when she was a kitten. Her siblings didn’t make it. They all got killed by some horrible humans. Since Ovaltine has been with us as a kitten, she is the happiest cat ever. Her name was given to her by my mother. Ovaltine is egocentric but also very shy to other humans. I made this painting of her with a colorful, restless and vibrant background which fits her very outstanding personality.


The Tree with red leaves

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Digital art: Sketchbook pro
Adding a cat completed this artwork for me.


Loving cat ignorance

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Digital art: Procreate
When you feel stressed or didn’t feel like yourself. Just try to be like cats 🐈 🐈‍⬛

Sometimes, they may be jerks but they respect and are honest with their feelings all the time.


Riddles of the desert

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Model: Me
The camera: Vivo V21 
Photographer: Me

I saw someone draw a cute half cat girl who looked like a sphinx, and I decided to make this.
Cats are cute and everyone loves them, sometimes I want me to love and adore myself more as much as how people love and adore cats…or maybe more.


Navirou and Tsukino

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Growing up, I wasn’t interested or encouraged to play video games. It wasn’t until I got to college that I really got into Pokemon, and from there my interest in certain role-playing games expanded. In addition to Pokemon, Monster Hunter Stories is one of my favorite role-playing games. The chase between Navirou and Tsukino in Monster Hunter Stories 2 served as inspiration for this drawing. I won’t give too much away because I don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone who like role-playing games and wants to give this one a shot.


Purrfectly Pawsome

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Fabriano Artistico watercolor on Watercolor Paper 300 lb
My artwork depicts two adorable cats named Bluemoon and Sunlight, each with their own distinct personalities. Bluemoon is a cheerful cat with a unique blue-colored coat, and is depicted in a playful mood as she frolics with her feline companion Sunlight. Sunlight is an orange cat with a sweet demeanor, and is shown making an adorable expression that is sure to melt any heart. The piece captures the affectionate bond between these two furry friends, and is sure to bring a smile to the faces of those who see it. You can follow their Instagram account by searching for @king__sunlight


Hum and Chanee

Piya - Thorns of Grief

ProCreate on Ipad
2 fluffy creatures


Cats in nature

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Coloured pencils on sketchbook paper
People love taking photos of cats. This is a picture where someone is taking a photo of the cat acting cute. I wanted to draw stay kittens. One of the kittens is blind in one eye and another cat has a wheelchair. Many drawings do not often show cats with disabilities. I have a few cat coloring books. None of them have cats with disability. The more something is presented the more people see they are just cats.


The cat within

Piya - Thorns of Grief

The artwork was done digitally on iPad using Procreate
That night, in the middle of desperation, I wandered deep into myself, trying to find some last bit of courage in order to walk through this low point in life. And I found him.
Did I find the cat ? Or did I find myself ?


Panther Vs. King Cobra Flash Design

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Painting was done with Dr. Phillip Martin’s Bombay India Ink, Higgins Eternal black Ink, and Micron Pen on Arches 140lb Hot Press Cotton water color Paper

The panther vs. snake tattoo design was made popular by Milton Zeis (1901-1972). My love of the history of tattooing and the stories behind the designs that my craft were built on drives my endeavor in creating art. I was conceptually inspired to create a modern version of this epic battle featuring the Panther vs snake. Each element in the image, from skeletal structure thru full anatomical rendering, was carefully designed to pay respect to the history of the image. After the pencil drawing was finished, I transferred it to water color paper and lined it with a micron marker. Using a limited palette of black, red, brown, and yellow ochre ink, the “spit shade” method was used to render the painting.
If interested in learning more about Milton Zeis, please visit thezeisstudio.com or tattooarchive.com. Both are tremendous resources for learning the history behind tattooing. Also, I am always excited to share stories and talk tattoo history with anyone that is interested, and do a tattoo for you!

Jeff Madonna

A Cat’s Daily Routine

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Just a fictional take on if a cat had higher intelligence like humans, what would they do mostly daily in their lives.

Akshit Sethi

May Cat Recovering Journey

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Technique: Ballpen
The artwork title is also the album name in my phone of my cat since I first brought her to a hospital and she kept getting worse. Her body was so skinny but she was so strong and had that cat instinct to walk and pee by herself, to play with me with her tale or tried her best to respond when we cuddle. This is my first time drawing her and I’m very happy with how it turns out. I also draw her family, she was the baby next to mama cat’s face. Pure white among the orange brothers.


Carrying Neko

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Carrying Neko cat- procreate, I want to explore Japanese objects and clothing more, but somehow got inspired and end up with this whole drawing


Horrible cats

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Brush pen and tech pens on sketchbook paper
If you’ve checked out our podcast on CATS, you might have heard about a story from my childhood since which I’ve always been scared of cats. But my wife who loves cats helped me love them more. 

Sketchman Boris

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