bkk UNZINE Issue 36


Published: 1st August 2023

BKK Unzine Issue 24 - Loss

As we are building up to our BKK Comics Art Festival #2 in October 2023, it was a great theme suggested by one of our Art friends for the poll. If you don’t know if we have a LINE group where we ask our Artists to suggest ideas for themes. We take those suggestions and give choices that people can vote for in the poll in our instagram account.

The theme ANIME GIRLS won and that became our next theme for the following month’s issue so, here we are. We already guessed many of our artists would be intimidated because the art of Anime girls that everyone thinks of, is filled with rich details and intricate costume design, not to mention vivid colors. But, we would like to take the time to remind people that it’s your version of the theme that we look for, not a near perfect reproduction of what is generally associated with it. We applaud the artists who submitted this issue and invite you to share this with your Anime lover friends.

Artists in this issue

Interview with the owner of PALETTE ARTSPACE the gallery at BTS Thong Lo


Thank you to K. William Char for giving us the time.
If you would like to learn more about his projects please go to the following link tree: https://linktr.ee/MuTeLu

And here is his IG: @antdaddy.mutelu

Dark Magician Girl , I summon you!

Piya - Thorns of Grief

My childhood is influenced by Yugi-oh! Manga and Cardgames. Dark Magician Girl is the character that I loved since then. I’ve created my own version of her to be more realistic and accidentally sexy!



Piya - Thorns of Grief

Shot with Fujifilm
Editing in Krita
This is a collaboration between me and my partner Donna. The concept and initial staging was done by me. Donna finalized the staging and operated the camera.

Other forms of film and television have to abide by the rules of reality. The limitations of anime are only what an artist can imagine and their ability to depict it.

So I wanted to create something I had never seen before set in reality. Saying yes to as many ideas that came into my head as possible.

I wanted to create something that felt rich but absurd. I love someone seeing something and saying “what?” with a smile on their face. I hope this provokes that in others like it did for me.


2D Girls >>>>>>> Real Girls

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Hi 🖐
Drawn the anime girls on an iPad using only my fingers and no pen or stylus, in the bid to improve my drawing skills of my fingers.

The pic of the real women is free to use and taken from pexels.com, while the Drake meme template was taken from google image search.

Thank you for seeing this. I hope that you have an amazing day. 🤗🌈💛

Tc and Aloha 🌴✨

Akshit Sethi

Lines of Symmetry

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Ink on board, Procreate
Anime style isn’t one I normally draw in, so it was a little difficult coming up with something for this month’s theme. Evangelion’s cast of girls / women presented me with a lot of “anime” tropes to play with: the hothead, the mystery, the sexpot, the brain, the badass… so I figured why not? This was also a unique opportunity to contrast my own more western style with that of anime.

Nirut Chamsuwan

Bite Sized Joy

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Digital art, 1080 x 1350px, 300 DPI, Procreate on iPad pro
Anime has been an integral part of my life, from my childhood until this very moment, and it continues to bring me immense joy and fulfillment. Among the countless anime characters that have captured my heart, I only drew 10 of my favorite girls here. Sophie from Howl’s moving Castle, Uraraka from My Hero Academia, Chihiro from Spirited Away, Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club, Hinata from Naruto, Duck from Princess Tutu, Nezuko from Demon Slayer, Anya from SPY×FAMILY, and Maka from Soul Eater. All the pose references are taken from Pinterest.


Red Blood Cell and Karrika

Piya - Thorns of Grief
Piya - Thorns of Grief

Red Blood cell: An anime I might have to rewatch. Not my favorites but did enjoy it.

Karrika: Another old drawing this was made by thinking about a if Disney made a princess from Thailand.


Alice in Shroomerland

🍄✨🌀 Hold onto your hats, folks! We’re spiraling down the rabbit hole with Alice in her newest escapade – Alice in Shroomerland! 🐇🎩🍄

This isn’t your grandmother’s tea party, it’s a full-on, technicolor, psychedelic spectacle! 🌈🎉 Alice has swapped her classic blue dress for an amanita-inspired ensemble, and the Cheshire Cat? His grin is wider than ever! 😸🌈

In this video, Alice isn’t just growing taller or shorter, she’s transforming in size and shape, all while tripping through a world of magic mushrooms! 🍄🌀✨

So, come along for this wild journey, as we somersault through the looking glass into a realm where nothing is as it seems, and everything is hilariously bizarre! 🤣🎈

Remember, we’re all mad here… and it’s absolutely splendid! 🎩🐇🍄✨



Brushpen and oil pastels
I was working on a digital artwork. But, when we had our last drawing hangout meetup, I drew this and I loved this more so I decided to submit this Anime version of my original character MUSCULA.

Sketchman Boris

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