bkk UNZINE Issue 38


Published: 1st October 2023

BKK Unzine Issue 24 - Loss

You’re all invited to the second edition of BKK Comics Art Festival at Bangkok Art.

BKK Comics Art Festival, the yearly event that brings together comics creators to celebrate the medium, giving fans the opportunity to interact with their favorite artists.

We established the inaugural event last year in partnership with SEA Junction, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Thailand and SAKURA Thailand, and the same key players are back to show the magic of comics art alongside an increased roster of talented artists from Thailand, the United States, Belgium, Taiwan and many more.

We want to keep the momentum going in spotlighting amazing publishers, artists, writers, and distributors with another unmissable event for comic book fans and budding artists.

The BKK Comics Art Festival #2 will kick off with a two-week Comics Art Exhibition, taking place from the 10th to 22nd of October 2023 on the 5th Floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), located conveniently in the heart of Bangkok.

You won’t want to miss the two-day convention, which gathers notable comic book creatives, publishers and scholars, taking place on Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of October 2023. This sensational array of events and activities will be held at the SEA Junction office on the 4th Floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

Artists in this issue

Thilak Arts School | bkk UNZINE Interview


Thilak Arts school is an humble yet impactful art school in the heart of Puducherry town in India run by Mr. Thilak. He conducts weekend art classes and also teaches on behalf of NGOs to under-privileged students. His effort to inspire kids through art regardless of the hardships make this heartwarming. He has been trying to encourage kids by teaching them how to create art, as well as guide them on how to make revenue out of it.
He conducts free lessons and even provides donate drawing materials for underprivileged orphan kids and helping them avoid bad life choices because of lack of parental guidance.


Piya - Thorns of Grief

The artwork represents ancient Filipino warriors before the Spanish came and take over the country in the 16th century. Done in brush and ink.

Randy Valiente

The stray cat gets a home

(First image on left)
As being a dyslexic student one thing I could read with my peers was The Beano. On the plus side sometimes it came with a free drumstick lollipop. I wanted to draw this cover as a memory of this comic.

(Two pages on bottom left)

I’m not someone who draw comics. I had a lot of fun just sketching and drawing this story. Dumpling the street cat got a home. All his siblings did as well. I love cats and I know a lot of street cats. Dumpling’s Mum (Pikachu) had seven kittens at different times. That I know! I’m happy she got a home.


Wonder Woman

Pencil on bristol board

Since we’re celebrating comics I thought it’d be good to submit some panel to panel work and also wanted to give a nod to the American superhero comics I grew up with (yet again haha). I’d done these pages a while ago, way before the DCEU movies or even Justice League animated series; for some reason Wonder Woman has become one of my go-to characters to draw, even though I’d read way more Marvel Comics than DC in my formative years. For anyone interested, these original pencils will be on display at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre for the BKK Comics Art Festival exhibit from October 10th to October 22nd (up on the fifth floor) and drop by on the weekend of October 14th-15th to meet me and a bunch of other artists at the convention!

Nirut Chamsuwan

NuatFu comic


My stories are about my characters’ and their friends’ lives with different themes and parodies. 


Mirror Fear

Digital art, 1240 x 1748px, procreate, ipad pro

In this haunting one-panel illustration, I’ve created an atmospheric and spine-tingling scene. Within a dimly lit room, the flickering candle on a central table casts eerie shadows that dance around an old, ornate mirror hanging on the wall. What makes this image truly unsettling is the sinister presence lurking in the mirror’s reflection. A ghostly figure with hollow eyes and a malevolent grin reaches out from the mirror, its skeletal hand extending towards the viewer. Meanwhile, the person in the room remains oblivious, completely engrossed in their own reflection. The tension between the warm candlelight and the chilling spectral figure creates a captivating and unsettling contrast that will send shivers down your spine.


Sketchman Boris – Comics Vol. 1

Digital art: clip studio paint

In the upcoming BKK Comics Art Festival #2 we are organizing, I will have a book where I’ll sell my new book collection the best comic strips called “Sketchman Boris – Comics vol. 1

This might be my favorite which is also our motto for bkk UNZINE with a comedic yet truthful twist. 

Sketchman Boris

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