bkk UNZINE Issue 41


Published: 1st January 2024
BKK Unzine Issue 24 - Loss

Let’s start things right by wishing us all a very Happy New Year 2024!
We have decided to start the year with this timely and timeless topic: CONFLICTS because we wanted to share the different ways in which Artists can help people deal with them.

We would like to invite you to come and visit our group exhibition, the opening is on 5th of Jan 2024 at P.space in old town Bangkok. Details on our website.

Artists in this issue

Talking MUSIC and LOVE with Liesbeth & Yorrick: ORBIT MUSICIANS | video of the month


Liesbeth and Yorrick travel the world spreading joy by playing music to everyone without judgement. We thank them for sharing their experience with us.

When Art Whispered It’s Fine

Piya - Thorns of Grief

100cm x 120cm / medium: Acrylic on canvas
Every creative living, in one way or another, will grapple with their own version of an artistic obstacle. It is a guarantee that if you are to walk the path of creativity, you will eventually bump into challenges that will either toughen you or make you turn your back on the artistic endeavor altogether. But what is it that compels someone to keep creating no matter the odds? There is something almost ethereal and inexplicable when you hear stories about creators who kept making art even when fate seems to dictate that giving up is the only viable option. This art illustrates how the artist interprets his relationship with art. At times when internal conflicts arise and it may seem like everything is broken and grey, art offers a kind of peace and solace. The kind that provides a feeling of reassurance that it’s going to be fine.


We, The Boys.

Piya - Thorns of Grief

We, The Boys is a drawing that expresses colours and hope. Yet the conflict hides in between. It hides a deep ongoing tale of harsh struggles told through the young boys of Peshawar.

This is not a story about Peshawar. It is the story of so many silenced boys around our world. Some closer to me. Perhaps too close. But it is through the boys of Peshawar that I found the strength to utter the first line of a long sentence, or maybe a series of paragraphs, using the strokes of ink in my hands.


Only the Strong Survive

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Technique; Photo edited in Photoshop (Mixed Media)

In the limbo, there is a fight between jellyfish and a colony of yellow bacteria. The jellyfish want to penetrate into the center of this yellow bacterial kingdom, but it is quite difficult due to the power of the core.

Wuttichai Maneekaew

Godzilla character in a conflict + Conflict in Mario and Pokémon

Piya - Thorns of Grief
Piya - Thorns of Grief

Conflict to me can been seen in many things we watch. Here are some Godzilla characters fighting. Have I ever watch Godzilla? No. Did I have fun? Yes. Kaiser Ghidorah is on the left from Godzilla: Final wars. Monster X from Godzilla: Final wars, is in the middle of the battle. Has been hit on both sides. Behemoth Titan from Godzilla: King of the Monsters. This is one of three Conflict pictures that are going to be displayed in the upcoming event. To see the others simply come to the event.


I did both of these as I have watched and played both games.

For Mario I did a Mario vs Bowser picture.

For the Pokémon battle I did Charmander vs Chameleon and Mega Charizard Y vs Mega Charizard X.



Piya - Thorns of Grief

When one is left in conflict with our bodies and mind, our own skin becomes a battlefield.
But we’re there is suffering there is hope, and if given time, we can see ourselves healing as we transform into the person we know ourselves to be.
With this painting I hoped to highlight the experience of struggling with gender dysphoria and growing up in a body at conflict with itself, while still highlighting how my transition has allowed me freedom.

Alex Wagner

Conflicted in choice

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Hi 🖐

This is just my light hearted take on the theme.

As a kid, I often felt conflicted in deciding what to snack when I was told that I can only choose one thing.

Hope this brought a smile to your face. Thank you and Aloha 🌈✨⛄

Akshit Sethi

Moonlit Turmoil

Piya - Thorns of Grief

Procreate – Original: 4500×4500 px – 300 dpi

In the enchanted forest, under the silver veil of the night sky, the Midnight Princess found herself lost in whimsical musings. Beneath the soft glow of the crescent moon, she rested upon a colossal rock, its ancient surface a throne for dreams. As the princess lay in reverie, time danced away, carried by the gentle breeze that whispered secrets among the trees. In her fanciful visions, she sailed on a boat woven from moonbeams, casting nets into the celestial sea to catch stars like radiant fish for her ever-growing collection. Amidst this celestial odyssey, the princess, in her ethereal pause, cast her gaze upon the world below. To her surprise, a silent audience had gathered—rock trolls, their eyes ablaze with wonder and respect. Unbeknownst to her, moments had transformed into an eternity. Breaking the enchantment, the princess, now curious about the passing of time, addressed the rocky onlookers, “What time is it?” Little did she know that her innocent inquiry would unfurl a tapestry of tumult. A competition to answer the princess erupted among the rock trolls, their stony forms clashing like thunder in the silent night. The princess tried to calm the trolls. Yet, the trolls, caught in the tempest of their own making, started beating each other up in the rivalry for the honor of announcing the hour. And so, beneath the watchful eye of the crescent moon, the Midnight Princess found herself entwined in an unforeseen chapter of her nocturnal fairy tale. 


Couple conflict

Brush pen and tech pens on sketchbook

For this exhibition I wanted to showcase the micro conflicts within couples. You can read the full comic in my website sketchmanboris.com
This was based on a dispute we had regarding the way women dress during our last trip to India.

Sketchman Boris

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