I met k. Amm at the Connect Fest 2 I interviewed her so that i can learn along with those who might be unaware about the Music Sharing organization in Bangkok. 

Hi, my name is Amm I’m a volunteer at Music Sharing. 

What is Music Sharing?

We are a non-profit organization in Bangkok. We teach the children in Khlong Toei where there is a big slum.

What do you do at Music Sharing?

Our goal is to help the children and their families. 

We teach children Life skills (thinking skills, social skills) as their self esteem is hurt by what they went through so we do everything we can to help them gain confidence in themselves.  

We also teach Art and Music we teach them art and music as well as Work skills which are very important because many of the children drop out of schools and they don’t have any knowledge of professional skills. Skills they can use to work in companies and NGOs.   

You said you teach life skills. Can you please elaborate on that? 

For example, we create activities for children to share their feelings, how they feel, to encourage them to speak out about their trauma. Without going into details, they’ve gone through abuse, as mentioned they dropped out of schools, they’ve had problems with drugs and we want to help them deal with their past.   

How many children do you take care of? 

In my project there are around 40 Children aged from 9 to 18 years old 

How long have you been a volunteer?

For 9 years

Before the interview you said you studied to become a nurse?

Yes, I just wanted to make a secure living just as any parent would wish for their children. 

But I love teaching, I love music and art and I love working with children. 

Teaching children makes me happy, so somehow these thoughts put me in the path I am on right now. 

Do you play any instruments? 

I can play the guitar, bass and the keyboard.  I can also sing but I am not that good (laughs).

You said you organize concerts with children too?

Yes, we do it every year, usually on April and anyone can come and see them perform and support us but it was stopped due to the current covid-19 situation.

So what is your DREAM for Music Sharing?

My Dream is to create a Free school for all children who can’t afford education. 

We want to make a good school where children will be happy to learn.   

I want to help poor children. 

If people want information about your organization and want to support with donations or volunteer, how can they reach you? 

They can contact us and get information about what we do on our facebook page:


We also have an ongoing crowdfunding campaign, you can find the information at this link:

สร้างอาชีพ เพื่อเยาวชนในชุมชนคลองเตย https://taejai.com/en/d/klongtoeydeejung/

We are always looking for volunteers, people to teach English, Art, Music so any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

We thank her for the interview. Bkk UNZINE encourages people to DO WHAT THEY LOVE. Well, WE LOVE what Am and her organization are doing and we wish them all the best and creative strength to succeed.

-Interviewed by Sketchman Boris.