““The Message is the Message” is not the message.” – Michela Sena, Curator

Courtesy of Warin Lab Contemporary

K. Sukontip Prahanpap (K. Fon), the founder of Warin Lab Contemporary who was kind enough to receive us, is dedicated to an important cause as part of the gallery’s mission: To let people have discussions about social issues and issues related to the environment through art. 

On the steps of this philosophy comes the exhibition by the artist Cameron Platter titled “THE MESSAGE IS THE MESSAGE” curated by Michela Sena.

THE MESSAGE IS THE MESSAGE will be exhibited until November 25, 2021.

In every encounter with art there are things that the artist perceives and what the others receive, when asked about this project, Cameron explained that:

“It is about TRASH” but a layered vision of trash with everything that goes with it. He went on to explain “if there was a mind map for TRASH, it would be connected to excess, pollution, capitalism, mass hysteria and many more. It’s also up to you to interpret them”  

Courtesy of Warin Lab Contemporary

Platter also talked about the wooden stools he made for this exhibition; an object he found in almost every corner of Bangkok, he decided to use wood to make the same object with something natural rather than plastic. 

The curator Michela Sena after praising Platter’s caliber as an artist, also added that this exhibition for her, is a way to participate in Thailand opening up to the international art scene but also to give back something to Thailand after being on the receiving end.  

According to K. Fon, the Founder of the Warin Lab Contemporary gallery housing such projects will bring more people together instead of just specialists, scientists in the field as art makes these problems more approachable and of course, encourages people to have conversations. 

bkk UNZINE artists looking at the art pieces

Now, when WE went to the gallery and were struck by the pieces, the word that came to mind was “Excess”, a flashy mirror shoved in your face. The bright colors stay with you like fractals from a psychedelic trip meant to hypnotize you into remembering the problems rather than the culture of distraction we are surrounded by. 

We know that  the problems raised by Cameron Platter’s art is not a problem only for the elite interested in art, it is something we all have to face, and we would appreciate it if you could go and support the artist and the gallery that are engaged in this noble cause. 

We have to admit that we assumed that these were prints, and we discovered to our surprise that these are intricately “carved” in colored pencils. This is why we champion people to go and see the artwork in person, because the effect is incomparable. 

The leafy green walls of the gallery are themselves a reminder of where these artwork should be placed: an ideal green and blue planet we tend to take for granted as we are too busy being distracted by our vices for fast-food, fake news, binge-watching. 

Finally, how can we forget the videos and sounds played in the gallery to accompany the exhibition? (which we encourage you to experience at the gallery in person) This humorous way of exposing click-baity media. 

As we mentioned earlier, this is what we took from it. We invite invite you to go there and maybe for that trip to Warin Lab Contemporary to see “The Message is the Message” exhibition by Cameron Platter, try take a moment to think about what role you play in this world because in our opinion, reminding you that you’re human is what the purpose of ART is.

Cameron Platter explained that he has many more exhibitions in major cities around the world and has mentioned a tapestry project as one of many on his list; something to look forward to and that proves that other than drawing, painting and wood carving he has another pouch in his artistic utility belt. 

Finally, we are so glad to declare that we are so grateful for this encounter with Warin Lab Contemporary which we believe to be the right direction in baby steps (for us) into the Bangkok art scene. 

Written by sketchman_boris